Malawi Internet Service Providers' Association - MISPA

Malawi Internet Service Providers' Association - MISPA
is an independent body and voluntary association acting in the interests of Internet Service providers in Malawi and generally dealing with matters related to the provision of Internet access in the African region.

MISPA's mission is to provide a non-profit forum in which Internet Service providers can address issues of common interest and interface with industry stakeholders so that end-users receive world-class service and industry participants earn a fair return on their investments.

Goals and Objective
  1. To provide industry perspective on policy formulation and regulation as it relates to the Internet industry and to act as an interface with Governmental bodies and the public at large.
  2. To develop industry procedures, mechanisms, policies, standards, and guidelines for effective and efficient operation of Internet-related services
  3. To promote the development of key Internet infrastructure in Malawi.
  4. To provide and promote educational opportunities that will enhance and empower technical and policy understanding of the Internet.
  5. To build, maintain, and publish relevant industry data for Members and for the public
  6. Coordinate effort with other l Internet related associations
  7. To Promote policies and positions in the best interests of the members and represent these interest in relevant bodies.
See the MISPA constitution for further details.

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